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We’re Anthologic  —  a group of specialized companies that work independently and together (now remotely) when bigger solutions are needed. Where marketing and technology connect is where we live.

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The workforce has changed — here’s why your photography should, too. 

Photography instantly connects with your buyers. When the right photo is selected, it can trigger the emotional response brands want, “you get me.” But the wrong photo can turn off a prospective buyer. In a matter of weeks, our global landscape has changed dramatically with the outbreak of COVID-19. Schools, universities, restaurants, bars and shops have closed globally. A large portion of the workforce is operating from home, and buyers are feeling anxious with a tumultuous stock market. 

How can we relate to and reassure our buyers that we’re in this with them and we understand their new dynamics – visually speaking?


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Distant – not disconnected. 

The global workforce has changed rapidly, and we know your every day is far from normal right now. 

That's why we'll be sharing weekly insights from our team to help you stay connected to customers and maximize your marketing and technology efforts.


Social media is a valuable tool for keeping us connected. But how do we harness all of its power for good, and use it as a tool to deliver engaging, meaningful and positive content to our audiences? To get you started, we’ve put together a list of three simple tips for staying connected with customers during a crisis.

Expos are canceled. People are distancing. How do you stay connected with customers in these isolating times?

Here's why your email marketing should be thriving. Because people buy experiences, not products.

It's the end of the in-person, face-to-face era (for the time being). And, now more than ever, digital conversations should be revolutionizing the way you interact with customers. Are your email marketing campaigns up to the task?


Here’s why you should be utilizing Google My Business. Because day-to-day updates are what people need.

Being transparent is a big focus among businesses right now, and Google My Business gives you an easy way to do that. If something has changed, you need to shout it from the virtual GMB rooftops!


Wondering what to say in the midst of COVID-19?

Everyone is affected by COVID-19 in some way shape or form, your business included. That means you have something to say and people to say it to. While the situation may be intimidating, communicating about it doesn’t have to be.


How to adapt your sales strategy in an evolving environment.

With home and work now existing under one roof, managing the tasks of our daily lives may seem like a never-ending balancing act. And faced with constant distractions and endless to-dos, customers are seeking out solutions to make their “new normal” a bit easier to handle. Learn ways your business can adapt to help.